Nepali Unicode

नेपाली मा टाईप गर्नुहोस गर्नको लागि / To type in Nepali

Toggle Nepali Unicode (CTRL + G To Toggle)  
Special Instructions: To change the letters and see what options are available, hit backspace twice and you will be presented with a drop down.

Unicode is a standard to represent and handle most of the world's writing scripts. The unicode standards work in all the popular and latest web browsers. For us Nepalese, we have the Nepali Unicode which enables us to type and share in our own Devanagari Script all over the internet. You can use Nepali Unicode in almost all the sites like Facebook, Gmail and more.

We have develped a Nepali Unicode tool above using the Google Transilterate tool. It is quite easy to use the tool that we have shared with you. To type in Nepali, just type the words using the english alphabets and press the space bar. The text that you have typed automatically gets turned into Nepali Unicode. The text can then be selected, copied and pasted whereever you want to.

For example if you type "Nepal" without the quotes in the above text box and press space, your text will get transliterated into "नेपाल" . That is a pretty cool features. We hope that you use this tool to Type in Nepali and also don't forget to share it with your friends.

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